Artist Statement

Utilizing various mediums, I integrate photography, printmaking, sculpture, and video into three-dimensional forms. My research investigates how both individual and communal influences corrupt our innate moral code, for better or worse. I am consumed with the complexity and fragility of our systemic existence, and our complex network of decay and regrowth. Most importantly, my art examines the interconnectedness of our societies and natural systems through direct and implied, time-based observations of the deformation of various materials.

Not only am I concerned with material deformation, but also more importantly, I am concerned with the interconnectedness between societal and environmental deformation. In much of my work, I am pushing and documenting the elastic limit of various materials - rubber bands, ink, paper, metal, concrete, paint, and charcoal - beyond the tensile strength, beyond the recovery point, and that action creates a cascading failure, which results in, permanent change. Moreover, by layering various media, I am illustrating how individual and communal philanthropic actions affect all aspects of society, and its impact on the environment.

These interactions, in turn, transform and become something intertwined. I use this layered methodology to express my conceptual ideas. The result is both rigid and elastic, allowing me the opportunity to map the collapse and eventual regrowth of our communities and its environments. It is important to foster a dialogue with the viewer where the exposure of these two conceptual themes can be shared and debated. In addition, my work is a visual representation that invokes an exigency that numbers alone cannot harness. I strive to make my artwork and its metaphors into a tool that creates observer interest in these interconnected systems and the impact altruistic actions impact the world at both the local and global level.


Concrete                                                          Mass                                                            Production

Consumption                                                  Failure                                                            Flexibility

Interconnectedness                                         Strain                                                                  Weave

Layered                                                       Population                                                              Weight

Recycle                                                        Consumer                                                           Producer

Rigid                                                               Stress                                                                   Time

Load                                                             Collapse                                                      Deformation

Limit                                                               Waste                                                          Dislocation